Cruising to Eidfjord, Norway

Eidfjord Cruise Port  tourist attractions.

Eidfjord, NorwayEidfjord is a municipality in the county of Hordaland situated where the Hardangerfjord ends, Norway’s second longest fjord. Eidfjord is at the center of a region situated on the RV 7 road – the National Tourist Route between Oslo and Bergen that passes through Hardanger.

In May 2005 Eidfjord Cruise Port opened, and has become a famous port since the opening. The cruise port is located in the centre of Eidfjord which makes it easily accessible for cruise passengers who want to experience the destination by foot. Eidfjord is one of the most beautifully sited towns in this part of Norway, dwarfed by sheer mountains and cascading waterfalls.

Popular atractions in Eidfjord

Vøringsfossen waterfall

The Vøringsfossen waterfall has for a long time been Norway’s most visited natural attraction, with its fall of 600 feet (183 meters). The distance from town is 12.1 miles (or 19.5 kilometers).

Sima hydroelectric power plant

Sima hydroelectric power plant is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Europe. The power plant’s main hall lies 700 metres into the mountain and is 200-metres-long, 20-metres-wide and 40-metres-high. The plant offers guided tours that include a film about the construction of the power plant and a tour of the power station hall. Guided tours 15/6-15/8 at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00.

Kjeåsen mountain farm

The well-known Kjeåsen mountain farm lies as an eagle’s nest in the very steep mountainside, 530 metres above the Simadalsfjord. Guided tours 15/6-15/8 at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00.

Hardangervidda Nature Centre

Hardangervidda Nature Center Eidfjord is a modern nature and cultural-historical experience center focusing on Norwegian culture, climate and environment. The center, to be found in Eidfjord Øvre 7 kilometers from town.

Sightseeing tour

The sightseeing tour starts by bus from the pier in Eidfjord to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre. From the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, the tour continues up Måbødalen where you have a wonderful view of Norways most famous waterfall; Vøringsfossen. It has a vertical drop of 145 meters and a total fall of 182 meters.