Cruising to Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus tourist attractions.

Aarhus, DenmarkThe city of Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark situated by the sea in the heart of Jutland. The City of Aarhus lies as a vibrant urban environment surrounded by the beauty of nature. Aarhus is an open, inclusive city where there is room for everyone. 13% of Aarhus’ population are students, making Aarhus the youngest city in Denmark.

Being young at heart means that the city can offer you a wide spectrum of cultural experiences, from nightlife, cultural events and shopping to the best restaurants in the region. Each year in late summer, the city centre and parts of the harbour are turned into one large festival. Aarhus Festuge, which the festival is called, has almost become a national event as it attracts people from all over. Aarhus is also home to popular festivals, such as Food Festival, SPOT Festival and NorthSide Music Festival.

Big attractions in Aarhus include Den Gamle By is its old town open-air museum, with centuries-old timbered houses. Nearby are the greenhouses of the Aarhus Botanical Garden. In the center, the multistory ARoS, Aarhus Museum of Art, shows global contemporary works. The underground Viking Museum explores early local history. Nearby, Aarhus Cathedral has restored 14th- to 16th-century frescoes.

Things to do near Aarhus

Aarhus is a dynamic city on the Jutland peninsula. From here, beach, harbour and forest are all only a 15-minute bike ride away. The area around Aarhus also offers the biggest concentration of attractions in Denmark. Must-see sights, such as the Jelling Rune Stones, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are all in easy reach, as well as fjords and beaches to explore.


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