Cruising to Väderöarna (Weather Islands), Sweden

Väderöarna (Weather Islands) tourist attractions.

Weather Islands (Väderöarna) is an archipelago in Western Sweden, near Hamburgsund. The Weather Islands (Väderöarna) is a cluster of several hundred mostly rocky, barren islands in the far reaches of the Fjällbacka archipelago, off the Bohuslän coast. And known as the sunniest, windiest and most westerly islands of Sweden. There is a large colony of seals living on the islands.

Set out by kayak or Zodiac to encounter seal colonies and an array of seabirds. Dock at Grebbestad where you can bike or we will drive you to the evocative Bronze Age rock carvings in Tanum, a UNESCO site.

Fjällbacka archipelago

Accessed by boat from Fjällbacka, these picturesque islands (365 in total) have only one island where development is evident, the island of Ramna, and are rugged, barren, and truly beautiful. Although small in size, Ramna warrants a day excursion. Visitors can climb to the top of the pilot’s look out point for a great view across the island and the surrounding archipelago; scramble across the rocky landscape and admire the reflections of the red wooden houses in the crystal clear water; take a boat trip to one of the seal colonies; don a pair binoculars and search for some of the 44 species of birds spotted locally; or watch the dramatic every-changing weather conditions from the comfort of the warm café at Väderöarnas Vardshus.

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