Cruising to Honningsvåg, Norway

Honningsvåg tourist attractions.

Honningsvåg, NorwayThe Port of Honningsvåg is a very small port, the most northernmost city in Norway and gateway to Nordkapp (North Cape). This is the land of barren coastlines with icy cold winters, the midnight sun and northern lights.

The gateway to the North Cape

In Honningsvag your cruise ship haw several options to dock. All cruise docks are just a few minutes walk from the main street of Honningsvag, near shopping, restaurants and activities. Honningsvåg is the administrative centre of the municipality and the port of Honningsvåg is the largest cruise port in Northern Norway and the gateway to the North Cape.

Nordkapp is the northernmost point of the continent of Europe. The 307m (1000ft) high cliffs tower over the sea below – here the Atlantic ocean meets the Artic. Tunneled into the rock behind the cliffs sits Nordkapphallen, a visitor center with a souvenir shop, a post office, and a restaurant/cafe. Most cruises offer a bus transfer from Honningsvag to Nordkapp, a distance of 35 km (22 miles).