Cruising to Molde, Norway

Molde tourist attractions.

Molde, NorwayMolde is the administrative centre for the county of Møre and Romsdal on the north side of the very broad Moldefjord. The municipality is located on the Romsdal Peninsula, surrounding the Fannefjord and Moldefjord. The city is located on the northern shore of the Romsdalsfjord.

The City of Roses

Molde have various educational facilities as well as offering many cultural activities, including an international literature festival (Bjørnson Festival) and the famous annual Molde International Jazz Festival. The annual International jazz festival, held in July, is the oldest jazz festival in Europe, and attracts visitors from all over the continent. Football would be another likely answer, since Molde is hosting one of the best teams in Norway, Molde FK.

The Atlantic Road connects Molde with Kristiansund, which is one of Norway’s most distinctive towns, with its colourful houses surrounding the intimate harbour. Molde and Kristiansund are well positioned for tackling two of Norway’s most spectacular driving routes, Trollstigen and Atlanterhavsveien – the Atlantic Road.

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